Final Reflection



After finishing Core 2096, a Global Studies course, I can say it has 3 axial aspects that I have learned from it. Which are represented in Ideas perception  and  reflection, privacy respection, and sequential thinking. Moreover, the course’s various terminologies have succeeded in assuring the perceiving and understanding of the mentioned aspects. Nevertheless, the 2096 could have been more effective if it has exhibited more 

Axial Aspects

The course’s main aspects have helped me in listening to ideas and believes and reflecting on them while taking into considerations the effect of my words on the person I am replying to as some replies might  be a killer. A word can hurt, a word can kill, a word can destroy someone emotionally. If one succeeded in proving that other’s believes are wrong or biased it could make them rethink about the correctness of everything the believed in which could result in physiological problem to them. In other words, Pearl Strachan Hurd, a British politician of the 1930s, said ”Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs”. Moreover, 2096 stressed on the importance of one’s privacy, cyber privacy, which is the right to keep your data and interests private to you only and not to be public or accessed by some advertiser or third parties rather than the targeted website/system. Furthermore, As many other core courses this course has helped me to develop Sequential Thinking in other words, to process information or opinions and reply/tackle each one sequentially. An added outcome to these were the several softwares we used throughout the semester.


The course’s outcomes were achieved through its several terminologies. From my own perspective, the most important terminology was the in-class videos and assignment based on videos we watched about the aspect we were learning. Videos were catchy, short and to the point with a maximum of 20 mins where the speakers were so educated about the aspect they were talking about. For example, the video “Breaking Ads” which took us on a tour through the creation of popups which i had no clue about this story before taking this course. In addition, the course’s materials were light but to the point as the doctor used to tackle an aspect than we have an entertaining assignment on this subject. Not to mention, that in-class discussions that we had regularly regarding the subjects we previously took with slight deviations. 


As everything human creates, this course can be enhanced in-terms of the content and terminologies. The content can extend to learning more about the people who are considered to God in the tech field. How they think, how they interact with technology and how do they protect their own privacy. Moreover, Talks from influential people in the tech field in Egypt can be given in class by inviting the to our of our lectures to educate us or even create a field trip to their offices.  


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