Never get hooked on your product!


In the essence of how technology contributes directly to everyone’s life on a daily basis, we should have took into consideration the thoughts of the pioneers in this field. The most important thing to consider is to what extend does technology contribute in their lives. Contradicting all expectations the article I provided shows the unexpected perceptions of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and other  on  technology.  Jobs raised his kids tech-free and prohibited them from using any devices before the age of 14. In the same token, Gates talked in an interview about how getting rid of his mobile device made his life more revolutionised. If there is one thing they both have ever agreed on, its that that technology is addictive and like any addictive product, never get hooked on your products! Nevertheless, the article mentions that Technology can be implemented in schools and for educational purposes but cautiously in order to avoid causing depression  and other psychological side effects on children. 




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