Digital Literacies Video & Article Reflection

The article and the video are so related as they both are about different perspectives of digital developments. Whether to make student more open to different Digital skills or teach them about the several digital channels they can use. In other words, whether to focus on what and how to use or on why when, who and how to obtain data from several sources. Moreover, the article and video mentioned that they key to this deadlock is to proceed through both simultaneously as there is a fine hair-line between both as they intersect in several aspects. The article focused on other aspects such as safety and privacy; the risks that we as individuals would face as a result of using the several platforms introduced through this course. Privacy is a global concern where everyone is talking about privacy and how to secure their data, but do we ever ask ourselves why are we at a threat of privacy destruction? It is because of us! We did upload our data online, shared them, even liked pics and the powerful search and AI engines knew our interests and our behaviours. If we are to blame anyone, it is us. We agreed! Nevertheless, the article stresses on the importance of knowing our audience when we are using social media to post something especially if it is someone who is different to us, by different I believe the article meant someone who would not look at what we posted with the same perspective as we did. Someone who would might get offended by what we wrote or would feel at threat. For example, if we posted a joke about Eminem killing MGK that would be funny, but for the people who knows the joke, for those who do not they would feel terrified. Furthermore, Balis article mentioned the importance of data analysis or data collection. How to collect data from the open web and to what extent are the data we obtain credible as this process is getting harder everyday specially with the ADS feature in google where the first links are those who buy not those who deserve. Finally, Bali mentioned an important term in her video, Digital Fluency, which she recognised as something more than Digital Literacies and Digital Skills combined. In conclusion, Digital Skills and Literaciesfrom my perspective are like the way to hold the pen and the way you type with it but for what you write with it should be your sole decision. No one mentioned that we are in a close web.


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